ACTION ALERT- Contact Olympia City Council Candidates

Posted on September 17, 2017

The plan to redevelop the Mistake by the Lake is now at a critical stage. On June 14th an application was submitted by local developer Ken Brogan, and his California financial backers Alexander Gorban and Emil Khordorkovsky, to use the long derelict nine stories Capitol Center building as part of a commercial and residential project. Since the building became vacant over ten years ago, our foundation has worked to remove it and replace it with a civic space on the isthmus. Our goal is to protect and perfect the views to and from America’s most magnificent capitol campus setting and create an attractive gateway to Olympia’s revitalizing downtown. With our help the city has already purchased most of the required land and demolished two smaller buildings. Initial development of the civic space just west of the Capitol Center block will begin later this year. NOW THE CITY MUST REJECT THIS BAD PROPOSAL AND STAY ON COURSE TO BUY AND TEAR DOWN THE MISTAKE BY THE LAKE.

Over the past decade we have seen several schemes to redevelop the building. Each has failed, but each has caused another delay in the city’s willingness to remove the building. In November of 2015, Olympians, by over 60%, voted to create the new Metropolitan Park District and taxing capacity. They voted, in large part, based on their belief that the new park district would make removal of this building possible. Olympia citizens have repeatedly asked that the building be removed. The city may be incurring significant future liability if it allows 138 residences to be built in a hazardous earthquake liquefaction zone AND in an area likely to be impacted by predictable sea level rise.

THE STUNNING VIEWS ACROSS THE ISTHMUS SHOULD BELONG TO ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE AND NOT RESERTVED FOR THE FEW WHO LIVE THERE. Our magnificent and monumental Capitol Campus complex and setting is the signature feature of our community. The city of Olympia has a special responsibility to protect this priceless asset. The city needs to purchase and tear down the Mistake by the Lake.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? THIS NOVEMBER OLYMPIA WILL ELECT FOUR MEMBERS OF CITY COUNCIL. PLEASE ASK EACH CANDIDATE IF THEY SUPPORT THE PURCHASE AND REMOVAL OF THIS BUILDING. Do this when you meet the candidates at forums or at your front door. You can also send them an email TODAY asking their position. Here is the email address for each candidate:

Clark Gilman- vs Max Brown- .

Allen Miller- vs Lisa Parshley-

Jeannine Roe- vs Renata Rollins-

Jim Cooper- vs Daniel Marsh-


For additional information contact Jerry Reilly at 360 561 4212 or