Olympia Considering Metropolitan Park District

Posted on July 11, 2015

The Olympia city council is considering the creation of a Metropolitan Park District (MPD) to provide more stable funding for park maintenance and operations, as well as site acquisitions to meet the future needs of the growing population.  Olympia voters could be asked as early as this coming November to approve a ballot measure authorizing the MPD. If approved by a majority of voters, the district could levy a property tax up to 75 cents per thousand dollars of assessed valuation. Initially, the current proposal calls for a rate of 54 cents per thousand. For a $200,000 property the cost would be $9 per month.

If the MPD is approved, it will provide a source of funding that will help in our goal of removing the Capitol Center building and completing the Capitol Olympic Vista Park. The city council on July 7th approved by a 4-3 vote the first draft on the proposal to place the measure on the ballot. A final vote is scheduled for Tuesday, July 21st at the 7 pm meeting.

It is very important that council members hear strong support from our community for the Metropolitan Park District. You can get a message to all council members by email at a single address (citycouncil@ci.olympia.wa.us) .  Please do this as soon as possible and ask that your friends and neighbors do the same.

There are two other important developments to report. First, asbestos removal was just completed on the former county Health Department building on the Isthmus and full demolition will follow soon. Second, the new state Capital budget includes $950,000 to support needed bulkhead repairs at Percival Landing across from the Heritage Park Fountain below the Kissing Couple statue. This means that the state has now joined the city, county, and private donors in investing in the Isthmus.

We are now closer than ever to protecting and perfecting the views to and from America’s most magnificent capitol campus setting. Thank you for all of your past support. Please act now to ask the city council to give Olympia voters the opportunity to move ahead with creation of a Metropolitan Park District.