Metropolitan Park District on Olympia Ballot this November

Posted on August 10, 2015


The Olympia City Council has placed on the November Ballot Proposition 1 to create a Metropolitan Park District (MPD). If approved by a majority of Olympia voters, the MPD would allow the city to generate revenue of up to 75 cents per one thousand dollars of assessed property valuation. The city plans to raise about $3 million annually, beginning in 2017, by using 54 cents of the new authority.  For a $200,000 home this translates to a $9 increase per month.

The board of the Olympia Capitol Park Foundation strongly endorses Proposition 1 and asks that our Olympia supporters vote YES in November. The passage of Proposition 1 will make it much more likely that the city will be able to acquire the Capitol Center Building, the removal of which is the final obstacle to assembling all of the property needed for the Capitol Olympic Vista Park. As previously reported, the former Housing Authority building is already gone and the former County Health Department building is expected to come down in September.

The city plans to use $2 million of the new funds to clear a backlog of critical deferred maintenance as well as for continuing maintenance for current and future parks. The remaining $1 million will be used to support new acquisitions. These new acquisition funds, along with previously approved utility tax funds, will allow the city to issue bonds needed to support the new parks, and ballfields required to support our growing population.

Please visit  for more detailed information about the proposed Metropolitan Park District, and to learn how you can help with the campaign to pass this vital measure.

With passage of Proposition 1, we will have a much greater opportunity to achieve our goal of protecting and perfecting the views to and from America’s most magnificent capitol campus setting forever.

Thank you for all of your past support!